Project of the Day: Sheet Music Beads

During my scorched-earth rampage against anything in my house that I don’t absolutely need, I got rid of a ton of sheet music and old piano books. On a whim, though, I kept one – and now I’m really glad I did!

(This is the updated version. after I re-strung the beads from the original post. This version is also for sale on my Etsy store!)

I’ll be honest, I made this bracelet far more complicated than I needed to. For the sake of anyone out there wanting to make one of your own, I’ll stick to the process of making the beads, and let you play with how to string them.
(My motto: Live and learn, and make everything more difficult than necessary)

Sheet Music Beads


Elmer’s glue
Wax paper (to cover the work surface)
Twine and/or ribbon
Sheet music
Jewelry findings (clasps and any other accessories you want)
Paper towels
Kabob skewer or piece of uncooked spaghetti


Step one: trim the music

This is just to get rid of blank spots on the page.


Step two: roll the paper

Wet the paper first. This makes a huge difference. Blot dry the paper with the paper towels, but don’t dry it completely. Starting at the bottom, begin to roll the paper as tightly as possible around the skewer or spaghetti.


About halfway up the paper, begin to glue the roll together. One or two bits of glue for a page is sufficient. Add one more line of glue at the very end.

Make as many rolls as you’d like.



Step three: Let dry

While the rolls are drying, begin on your bracelet. I wanted buttons and ribbon for mine, so it began to look like this:


Step four: Cut the beads

When the glue is dry, cut the rolls into beads of whatever length you want.


String them and enjoy!




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