Project of the Day: Rainbow Jar Chandelier

The hubby and I have made the 16 hour trek to Missouri to visit my family. I decided that car rides are great for knitting and listening to audiobooks, and that’s about it. Blech.

Anywho, being here with my parents and 4 siblings makes for a pretty busy schedule, so I’m not actually doing a project every day, but I’ll try to post as often as possible.

This little beauty was created with the help of my youngest sis, Roo (not her real name :).  It’ll stay in MO to adorn her bedroom, but as always, you can purchase one from my Etsy store if you like!

Rainbow Jar Chandelier


One day I’ll buy a decent camera and learn about this mystical thing called “lighting.”


Small lidded jars

Glass paint and brushes

Hemp yarn (we used multi-colored)

Embroidery hoop (I used the plastic ones – they’re sturdier than the wooden)

Hot glue gun

Hammer and nail


Ceiling hook

Battery-operated tealight “candles”

Step one: Prep and paint jars

Using the hammer and nail, punch a hole in the center of each jar’s lid. I didn’t have either, so I used a steak knife and a high-heeled shoe. True story. 🙂


Paint the jars. Roo wanted lots of color, so we used glass paint and made each jar a different color. Alternatively, mixing Elmer’s glue and food coloring creates a much more opaque color. I’ll probably use that technique for my next try.

While the jars are drying…

Step Two: String the embroidery hoop.

Cut a piece of yarn for each jar. Make the pieces different lengths so the jars don’t bang against each other. (And don’t forget to add a couple of inches extra to each piece for tying!)

Tie the yarn to the inside (closed circle) hoop, and add a dot of hot glue to each one to keep them from sliding around on the hoop.


Once the yarn is attached, put the open hoop back on around the inside hoop and secure it. We chose to use the remaining yarn to wrap the hoop.


Love this girl’s tiny feet. She’s a cutie. ^_^

Step three: Attach the jars

Thread the ends of the hanging yarn through the jar lids and secure with a knot and a bit of hot glue.


Once the paint is dry, drop a tealight into each jar, and screw the jar onto the hanging lid. Finish by tying two segments of yarn to the top of the hoop to create an X from which to hand the chandelier.




Oh, and here’s an embarrassing photo that Roo took of herself on my phone.

My motto: don’t put hilarious pictures of yourself on your sister’s phone. O.o



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