Project of the Day: TARDIS String Art

So I haven’t posted for a while, but that definitely doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. 🙂 I’ve been working on some really neat projects, but I didn’t think about the fact that many of these are becoming gifts for people, and I can’t post pictures without ruining the surprise! So here’s a project I finished last night that I actually can post, and expect a few others to pop up over the weekend. 🙂

TARDIS String Art




Wood plank or tree slice

Nails or upholstery tacks (I used the tacks because they’re all a little differently shaped.)

Embroidery floss (For this project, I used 6-strand DMC thread: one white skein and three blue.)

Picture hanging wire or ribbon






Step one: Draw the shape

Obviously, you can make whatever shape you’d like, but it’s a good idea to do something with straight lines, rather than a lot of curves and curls at first. Draw or trace your shape onto a piece of paper, cut it out, and tape it to the wood.


Props go to my genius husband for drawing this TARDIS silhouette for me. I’m hopeless at this kind of thing, so I depend heavily on his talent. 🙂


Step two: Nail in the outline

Start with the corners first. It’s easier to make the nails evenly spaced if you already have the corners done.


You’ll want to hammer the nails in only about halfway, to leave space for the thread.

Fill in the rest of the lines with nails. I chose to add nails to some of the interior lines too, rather than just the outline.


I love how each tack has a differently shaped head. I think it gives the piece character. 🙂

Now tear the paper out of the shape, leaving only the nails.

Step three: String the… string 😉

Tie a slip knot at the end of your thread, and hook it on a corner nail. I wrapped the string around the outline a couple of times first to create a solid boundary. Then comes the fun part.


Then wrap the thread around the nails to create a crisscross pattern. Have fun with this! I just wrapped the door sign and the light on the roof kind of chaotically, and made the body of the TARDIS a bit more organized.



Step four: Add the nails and wire for hanging

On the back of the wood, add two nails. Tip: the further apart and closer to the top of the plank these are, the straighter and more nicely the art will hang.


Then tie on the wire. In the future, I’ll use ribbon. I think it looks better when it’s hung if it’s on ribbon.




And, as always, you can skip the hassle and just buy one at my Etsy store. 🙂


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