Project of the Day: Spooky Eyes Candle Holders

Halloween is almost here! I’m beginning my preparations for our Hallows Eve party. Due to the geeky nature of my guests, most of my decorations will have a nerdy twist. This one will be the centerpiece on my table in the living room.


Spooky Eyes Candle Holders



Paper towels for the workspace

Acrylic paint (Red, yellow, black,Ā  – and I added pink and white)


Wine goblets

Black spray paint

Painter’s or masking tape



Battery-operated tea light candles

Regular tea lights


Step one: Make the eyes

Trace the eye shapes you want onto the masking tape, and cut them out.


Position the eyes on the glass wherever you’d like. Remember that the glass will be upside down when it’s finished.



Using the color you’d like the eyes to be, paint the inside of the glass, behind the eye stickers.



Step Two: Paint the glass

Using the acrylic paint, paint the bulb of the glass, starting from the stem and making downward strokes to give the glass texture. Make sure to cover the eye stickers.



Once the glass is covered, paint the top (in this case, the part of the glass that is in contact with the table when the glass is right-side up.)



Add a coat of spray paint to the bulb and top of the glass to fill in any holes. Let dry.

When the paint is mostly dry, slowly peel off the eye stickers. I wish I had pictures for this bit, but I’ll try to describe it as best I can.

If the paint has seeped under the eyes a little bit, use your fingernail to carefully scrape the stray paint back into the shape you want. (Think pushing back your cuticles before painting your fingernails.)


Step Three: Light ‘er up!

I used three tea lights on the top of the holder, and put one battery-operated one under the bulb. This is what they look like with the lights on:


And again with the lights off:


So two scary eyes, and one Monster in the Darkness. Here’s the top from my Order of the Stick candle holder:


For you OoTS fans, I unfortunately will not be offering this particular item on my Etsy store, but leave me a comment if you’re interested in ordering a set. šŸ™‚


Ta-da! Now off to do laundry. šŸ™‚


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