Project of the Day: Playing Card Magnets

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH fridge overhaul. As a part of my semi-minimalist endeavors, I decided to tackle the front of my (rather cluttered) refrigerator. This is how it looked before:

Okay, so maybe my definition of cluttered is a little more OCD than the average person.

Anyway, here’s my solution. 🙂

Playing Card Magnets


Deck of traditional playing cards

Roll of adhesive magnets (these are what I used, but in the future, I will use sheet magnets, as they lay flat better)

Button Magnets

Hot glue gun


Step One:  Cut out the cards

I chose to only use the illustrations on the face cards, and the icons from each of the four suits. This makes 12 large magnets and 4 button magnets.

Step Two: Add the magnets

I cut out two strips of magnet for each of the large ones. Because the magnets are slightly curved, I hot glued them on for added reinforcement. I decided to make the heart and spade cards facing forward, and the diamond and club cards facing backward.

Then I placed the glued magnets under a heavy book to help them dry flat.


Now my fridge looks like this:

I will be offering this particular project as a set on my Etsy store, of course. 🙂


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