Project of the Day: Button Choker

Update: I turned the choker around and changed the ribbon for today’s Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge post. I think I like it this way better:


I’ve begun to create accessories for my wardrobe challenge. 🙂

Button Choker


Buttons – about a ton. 🙂



Embroidery floss and needle

Step one: Design the choker

Measure the width of your neck. I used a piece of ribbon for this.  Then lay out the buttons in the order that you want them. I made mine into two layers: a bottom layer of three-button columns, and a top layer of smaller buttons to fill in the major gaps. Like this:

Step two: Sew the buttons to the felt

Using the embroidery floss, sew the buttons onto the strip of felt. Once all of the buttons are attached, trim the felt as close to the buttons as possible.

Step three: Add ribbon

I haven’t attached the ribbon permanently. I wrapped the ribbon around the end buttons like this:

Top to bottom: without the ribbon, with the ribbon from the back, and with the ribbon from the front.


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