Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge: The Rundown

Okay, after twenty days of  living with a minimalist wardrobe, I’ve decided to continue. I’m loving the challenge of accessorizing and laundry day is a lot easier too. 🙂 Now that the official challenge is over, I thought I’d compile my wardrobe for your perusal.

These are all the clothes in my wardrobe:

1. Little black dress

2. Dark wash blue jeans

3. Short sleeved black sweater

4. Black ankle boots

5. Black workout skort

6. Black tank top

7. Brown track pants

8. Blue Rice Bowls t-shirt

9. Brown track shoes

10. Green Teva flip flops

11. Gray long-sleeved t-shirt

12. Blue Curves hoodie

The hoodie, track pants, and blue t-shirt are new additions, obviously. As these items are much better suited for winter, I’ll cycle some things out for spring and summer eventually.

I’m happy with the number. A dozen items is great. 🙂

I’ll try to put up some of my outfits as I create them. Maybe I’ll go back through my previous posts and create some plates for the outfits there. 🙂

Update 3/9: I traded out the short sleeved black sweater for a long sleeved cream one, and switched my black boots for white mary janes with wedge heels.

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