Living Simply: Ditching the Curling Iron

I’ve been growing my hair out for what feels like forever. Seriously. This was me just over a year ago:

And this was taken last week:

So now that my hair is FINALLY growing out, I’m feeling the itch to curl it. Problem is, I tossed out my curling iron (along with my straightener) when I began my Minimalist purge. The heat from an iron is really bad for your hair anyway (so they say), so I’m not sad that I ditched them. But it does put me in the unique position of having to curl my hair without heat.

So the other day, I decided to give the rag curl method a shot. I washed my hair, let it dry naturally, and tied it up in some fabric I shredded off of one of DH’s old shirts. Here’s how it turned out:

And of course, since I’m not a wear-my-hair-down kind of girl:

And today I’m attempting the headband curls, as demonstrated by the lovely Courtney from Not So Homemade.

I wrapped my hair into a headband as so:

And a few hours later:


Curling my hair without an iron has actually turned out to be a lot less work than with one. Who knew? 🙂


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