Project of the Week: Four Ingredient Lip Balm

Of the six items in my makeup bag, my chapstick is by far the one I use the most. So as I set out to simplify my life (and frankly, my budget) it made sense to me to start with lip balm. I dug around on the interwebs for a few days, and finally found a few recipes I could adapt to make my own. Here we go!



Canola oil

Peppermint extract

Vitamin E oil

Small saucepan

Glass measuring cup

Butter knife

Small jars or plastic chapstick tubes

Wax paper


Step One: Melt the wax

Place the measuring cup into a saucepan of water. Then add the wax. I started with enough wax to equal roughly 1/8 c melted. Tip: adding a bit of canola or olive oil to the water will keep it from boiling over.

Step Two Mix in the oils

I used 4 tbsp of canola oil, 2 tbsp of vitamin E, and about 2 tsp of peppermint oil. Stir well.

Step Three: Pour and Chill

Fill the plastic cups, and put them in the fridge to cool.


What I’ll do differently next time:

The balm turned out a littler waxier than I thought it would be. Not too waxy, but I think I’ll be a little more liberal with the canola oil or vitamin E next time. What do you think?


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