Project of the Week: Illusion Tree

Hey there! So sorry for falling off the face of the earth this last week. Things have been pretty crazy recently. I’m switching up the calender a little bit, because I’m super excited about my Christmas tree, and I wanted to share! So, without further ado, I present:

Illusion Christmas Tree


12-14 gauge wire (approximately 18 feet)

7-8 metal rings of assorted sizes

tinsel and ornaments

ceiling hook

wire cutters

needle nose pliers

hot glue gun

Step one: Cut the Wire

The idea here is to use the wire to connect your rings into a tree shape. We used a board and nails to mold our wire, but you could freehand it if you like.

That’s my sexy husband. 🙂

We cut twenty 6 inch pieces, four 10 inch pieces, and four 12 inch pieces. Don’t forget to add a little extra on the ends to make hooks. The segments should look like this:

Step Two: Put it all together

Connect the pieces to the hoops in groups of four, and use the pliers to close the hooks.

You could use sauter to connect the wire to the hoops, but I just threw some hot glue on that junk. 🙂

Step Three:

Use two segments of wire (complete with hooks) to create the cone on top. Bend them both in half, and attach them to the top ring. You can attach a single piece of wire to the top corner of these to hang from the ceiling.

Step Four:  Decorate!



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