Life Rules: #4

Only speak what you want to be true.


Words are powerful. Never speak (or write) what you fear. Speak only of your dreams, often and loudly. Make your lips the gatehouse – only positivity goes out from them.


2 thoughts on “Life Rules: #4

  1. It has occurred to me, more than once, that speaking the idea… makes it real. Once it is real, it either makes sense or you move from it.

    Whenever I am thinking through an issue… I get in my car. I then talk to myself. Thanks to bluetooth no thinks I am coo-coo. This helps me brainstorm alone when I can’t brainstorm in a group. Just hearing your thoughts… makes them instantly tangible.

    Negativity suddenly sounds… I dunno, wrong? Positive sounds better.

    Eventually the great book idea or movie plot or whatever either makes sense and you write it or it is so incredibly ludicrous that no one would blame you for “not following through” with that one.

    Great point!

  2. I love that you talk to yourself in the car. lol I should definitely try that! I often speak my posts out loud before I write them. It helps me to organize my thoughts to hear the words before I have to put them on the page.

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