Project of the Week: Narnia Jar

I’ve seen this one pop up on Pinterest for a while, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

photo 5

Narnia in a Jar


Quart Ball jar and lid

Pint jar lid only

White sand

Silver fine glitter

Hot glue gun

Mini tree (found at the Dollar Tree)

Mini lamp post (also a Dollar Tree find)

Christmas garland


Step one: Create a platform

To keep the tree and lamp post from disappearing behind the neck and lid of the larger jar, I used the smaller lid to make a sort of platform on the larger one. It looks like this, and is all sorts of hot-glued together.

photo 1

Step Two: Add the tree and lamp post

This one’s pretty self-explanatory…

photo 2

I did dump a ton of glitter over the whole thing. I love glitter. 🙂

Step Three: Add the snow

I dumped about 2 Tbsp of sand and 1 tsp of glitter into the bottom of the jar.

Step Four: Glue on the lid and decorate

Fit the lid (without the ring) onto the jar, securing it with hot glue. Then add embellishments such as garland and a cute Christmasy flower to finish.

photo 4



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