Cannot Be Unseen: Chocolate

Cocoa is considered a pretty “high risk” product with respect to exploited labor. For that reason, most of the chocolate-based products we used to buy are now off-limits to me.

Buying chocolate is definitely on our minds around this time of year, and it’s super important to stand firm on consumer responsibility and not give in to what’s easy or cheap at the expense of ethics.

Anyway,Ā  this week, when I got, ahem, sick šŸ˜‰ my wonderful husband went on a crusade to find me delicious fair-trade chocolate that is produced by ethically-conscious companies. Here’s what he found:

Milk Chocolate Bar

Besides the fact that this chocolate is delish, I was thrilled to discover this on their website:

“Our policy states that we will not buy chocolate or ingredients from firms that use or reinforce the use of exploited labor of any sort. Our chocolate supplier does not engage in and does not support forced or exploitative labor practices.

Given that our supplier has a facility on the Ivory Coast, they are in a position to assure this, perhaps more than other firms who do not maintain a facility in the cocoa producing regions. I speak with my supplier about this subject weekly to encourage them to do what they can to help other companies prevent such activities and apply what pressure they can in the region.

We buy chocolate from Belgium. The Belgian’s work with the European Cocoa Association. The ECA has met repeatedly with the Ivory Coast ambassadors and the UNICEF program directors for the region in an attempt to convey the policy that they will not support exploited labor and to develop a plan to assess the exact conditions in the West African cocoa producing countries. Once the situation is understood clearly and the reasons for whatever problems may exist are also clearly understood, they will implement programs to correct abuses, if any.

At Chocolove, we are committed to ensuring the fair and equal rights of all those directly and indirectly affected by our business. I believe it is our responsibility to do our part to see that everyone might live in a safe and happy world.”

I haven’t done an extensive amount of research yet to see what kind of accountability Chocolove has in place, but they certainly seem to be off on the right foot, as it were. My hubby found this at Earth Fare, but the Chocolove is also sold at Whole Foods and World Market, and the website is helpful in locating other retailers.

And I’m happy to have found a chocolate bar that I can enjoy and support! And I’ve solved the problem of what candy to stuff our stockings with this season. šŸ™‚

What’s your favorite fair trade & ethically-responsible chocolate?


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