Life Rules #7


Smiling is good for your outlook, but it’s also good for you physically. Using the muscles associated with smiling manipulates your brain into thinking you’re happy, which in turn causes the release of endorphins. Or so I’ve heard. I do know for sure that it works. Next time a stressful situation hits, try it out.


4 thoughts on “Life Rules #7

  1. I managed a call center a while ago… I placed a post-it note of everyone’s monitor:


    Our customer service improved. Those who couldn’t grin and bear it left. Things sort themselves out sometimes….

    • I just left a job at a call center. We were told the same thing. That place was a soul-sucking pit of nightmares from hell, but we smiled anyway. *twitch*

      But for the record, I didn’t leave because of the smiling. 😉

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