Apartment: Space

As you know, I recently downsized from a two-bedroom apartment into a one-bedroom. At first it was just exciting because I had downsized enough to fit comfortably in a smaller place. But recently I discovered just how wonderful this transition really was. With the start of the Tshirts & Twine store, space for materials, boxes, and equipment was at the premium. At first, I tried storing everything in my dining room. With minimal furniture in my living room, I was able to put the dining table across from my couch, and the dining room was free to hold all the T&T stuff.


The cleanest it ever looked. Living room on the right, kitchen behind the camera.

That solution didn’t last long, though. Keeping shelves and shelves of supplies neat and organized was quite the task, and I was constantly conscious of how it looked when I had company over.

Then one day, I had an epiphany.

My bedroom contains three pieces of furniture: my bed (a mattress and box spring, no frame), a small bedside table, and a saucer chair. Needless to say, this was not a good use of the space in that room.

So we adjusted. I moved my “bedroom” (sans chair) into the dining room, to create a modified studio apartment. I hung a lace curtain in the dining room to create a division between our sleeping area and the living room.


All of the store stuff, my dining table (which I only ever use as a workspace anyway) and the saucer chair found a new home in the bedroom-turned office. Ta-da!



And two bonus features from the switch? Having the bed in the main area, I am forced to make it every single day, and sleeping so close to the kitchen prompts me to wash dishes and wipe counters every night!

Have you challenged the status quo recently to make good use of your resources?


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