Living Simply: Tips for Transitioning to Eating Whole Foods

Tips for Transitioning to Eating Whole Foods

Special thanks to our guest expert, Bethanie, for this how-to guide for whole foods newbies!

1. Stop feeling guilty about what you spend. Realize that food is fuel AND medicine. So, stop trying to spend as little as possible on your primary health care (food) and start the revolution.The revolution to choose health over saving money and the revolution to stop trying to cheat the farmer.

2. Buy bulk. If you are going to use it a lot, buy a lot. We use honey as our only sweetener so we buy honey by the gallon from a local bee farm (it saves lots of money and helps out our local bees). You can even buy veggies in bulk from local farmers or even (gasp) a supermarket.

3. Only buy ‘dirty’ veggies and fruits organic. Some veggies and fruits tend to leech pesticides into themselves and no amount of scrubbing will get it out. Buy these organic. Some veggies and fruits don’t tend to absorb these pesticides and chemicals. Buy these wherever you want (but also WASH THEM).

4. Redefine a meal. Oh Americans, we love for things to fit in our idea boxes. It makes us feel safe but also we don’t try new things. Meals can and must be redefined for you. They don’t have to contain a meat, a starch, a veggie, a dessert, and a drink. You can eat only broccoli for dinner or eat roasted cabbage for breakfast. No one gets to define your meals except you. Be ok with changing what they look like. For instance, last night me and my family ate broccoli and asparagus for dinner. That was it. And we liked it.

5. Realize it is more fun to make your own treats. Making your own treats from whole food sources is not only more fun but it allows you to truly enjoy the treats more. Be proud of those homemade snickers bars! You don’t need “the man” for those. You can make them your own dang self and be proud of them! Also if you make your own you tend to not only appreciate them more but eat them less frequently.

6. Get in the groove. Take time to get into your own groove of food. It may take years. That is ok. Talk about it with people, make mistakes, and change your approach. No one is looking over your shoulder so feel free to discover.

bethanieBethanie is a talented comedian and a crusader for healthy living. She lives with her husband and two kids in the Pacific Northwest. Bethanie does not have to fight with her children to get them to eat their vegetables.

Be sure to check out her awesome videos here.

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