The War In My Apartment: Part Two

I have spent almost two hours writing this post. I detailed every bit of our offensive maneuvers, and talked about the steps we’ve taken over the last few days to deal with the home invaders.

And WordPress deleted everything.

I’m so tired. I haven’t slept in three nights. I dozed for a couple of hours yesterday and a couple today, but I’m wired up and itchy. (I’m not literally itchy. In fact, Jack and I aren’t allergic to the bites at all, so we don’t have bumps or rashes. I’m just there-are-bugs-in-my-house-that-drink-my-blood-while-I’m-asleep itchy.) I’m tired from the physical work of moving things around and packing everything I own into bags. I’m tired from the mental and emotional strain. But despite being so tired, I’m doing really well. I feel like this is a battle I will win. And I’m overjoyed at yet another opportunity to downsize.

My definition of “downsizing” a week ago varies greatly from my definition of the same word today. Before, I wanted space, openness, and as little to pick up on cleaning day as possible. Today, I want every one of my possessions to fit into Space Bags in my car. We’re well on our way there.

I’ll re-type my old post tomorrow, once I’ve (hopefully) slept some more.


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