The War in My Apartment: Part Four

I have decided that I don’t enjoy being bait. I feel that maybe, in the back of my mind, I knew that all along. 😉

Unfortunately, our eradication strategy demands I do exactly that. Monday night we slept (Jack slept, I tossed and turned) in our bed, ringed with DE, to tempt our house guests to walk through their doom. Our morning inspection revealed three bugs in the sheets, and three more on the wall next to us. I decided I’m done spending time in the bed. Beginning today, we’re working out a way to get this bed set to a landfill and having done with it.

Last night, we slept on the floor again. This makes me feel much better, as I know for sure that anything bite-y will have to leave by way of the ring of dust around our blankets. Bed bugs sometimes climb the walls, crawl across the ceiling, and drop down on you from above. No, I’m not making that up. Even if they try that tactic getting to us, they can’t avoid the DE when leaving.


And I actually slept some last night!

Today’s project is to finish bagging the last of what we’re keeping, and toss the treated items we aren’t. I’m excited to get our apartment back to some semblance of order.


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