The War in My Apartment: Part Five



Nights of sleep procured: 2

Possessions tossed: lots

Stress level: lower

Bugs sighted: 0

So far, a good few days. I definitely get the feeling that we’re on the uphill.

Now to blog about something completely different…


2 thoughts on “The War in My Apartment: Part Five

  1. And how are your blood-suckers doing now?

    I had a similar experience with Carpet Beetles. They don’t drink blood, they eat dust and cat hair, but I had thousands of larvae all over my entire condo. Every single room had nests of them, mostly behind the baseboards. I remember the washing and bagging, and the shame I felt. I ripped out every stitch of carpet and put in laminate. This forced me to move every item I own from room to room while doing the floors, and it really motivated me to begin the culling my possessions.

    The white powder stuff that Terminix put behind the baseboards and under the carpet was horrible. It really upset my asthma whenever I would vacuum, or as we were ripping out the carpet.

    It has been 4 years since I first discovered the infestation, and this spring I found 3 or 4 adults. I don’t think I’ll ever be 100% rid of them, but I believe they’re better managed now. Having less stuff helps for sure.

    • I’ll have to post a new update for this series! In a nutshell, we’re doing well. We think we successfully navigated our move without bringing any unwanted friends along. *crosses fingers*

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