Living Simply: My Favorite Things

I feel like I spend so much time talking about having less and less that I sometimes forget to talk about what I do own. Contrary to how it might sound, I do actually own a few things.

Over the last few weeks, my minimalistic goals have evolved. I still want to live on as little as possible, but I’m not on a mouth-foaming rampage to throw out everything and live out of a cardboard box. Ideally, everything I own will have a daily functional use, and be the best possible item for the job.  I will love and use everything I decide to keep. So in that spirit, here’s a list of my top seven favorite possessions. (I’ll even include links to the original sellers. I don’t get paid for that… I just love you guys that much. 😉 )

7. My Tevas


Ah, my Olowahu sandals. They’re ridiculously comfortable, and I wear them everywhere, year-round. I’ve had them for a few years now, and they still look almost new. I know Chacos are all the rage, but I’m definitely a Teva girl. Best of all, these were a gift from my fantastic sis-in-law. She knows me so well. 🙂

(Get your own here.)

6. My notebook

Slide Closure2

Is it conceited to like your own stuff? I bound this notebook on a whim one day, and it’s become my favorite. The pages inside are soft and parchment-y. Best part: it’s refillable.

(And yes, I do sell them in my store.)

5. My tablet


Originally a school purchase, this tablet has been a gem. It’s fast, runs on Android, and only cost me $199 when it debuted. (Probably a bit less now.) As light as an iPad mini, and does everything the Apple version does. It’s my library, my white board, my calendar, my photo album, my Bible, my filing cabinet, my video  player, my gps, and my arcade.

(I picked mine up here.)

4. My pour over mug

pour overIt’s not the highest quality, top-of-the-line pour over system, but it’s simple and pretty, and does the job admirably. Between a cup of brewed coffee, and a pour over, there’s no contest.

(Here‘s where you can get this one.)

3. My comb


In lieu of a large, clunky hairbrush, I use this beautiful comb on my thick, wild mane. It’s compact, practical, and environmentally friendly. Another home run from the sister-in-law (she’s on a roll).

(Like it? You can get one here.)

2. My steamer trunk

trunkThis is easily the best garage sale find ever. It’s gorgeous and solid and excellently functional. One of these days I’ll drive it out to the Antiques Roadshow to see if I can find its history. In the meantime, it’s my coffee table.

(Good luck finding it online anywhere… I couldn’t!)

1. My pearl


Back before we met, my husband went to China and bought this freshwater pearl. He didn’t know who he’d be giving it to. He just knew that one day, he’d have a girl and he’d want to be able to give her a pretty necklace from another continent. What a guy. 🙂

(You can find one similar here, but this one is mine, and no matter what anyone says, it’s the only one.)

And there you have it! Seven of my favorite things.

What are your favorite things?


3 thoughts on “Living Simply: My Favorite Things

  1. as for e-favorite things, I gotta go with my Kindle. Just the plain, ole cheapy, no bells and whistles Kindle. MAN, I love that thing.

    Other fave things – my photo collection, and my wedding ring.

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