Downsizing: Things I (was surprised to find) I don’t need.

When downsizing, tossing out the unused and useless is often where we start. Round one of spring cleaning in my house usually consists of making sure that I only keep the items I actually use on a regular basis. My go-to litmus test for this stage is: “do I use this item on a regular basis?”

Round two is harder. This stage is a much more in-depth look at everything I own. When it’s time to scrutinize the more “typical” items, the big question becomes “is this item a functional duplicate?” In other words, does this item serve the same function as something else I own? Using this method, here are a few things have decided I no longer need:

1. Hot pads/Oven mitts

Each of these things serves two primary purposes: to keep me from burning myself, and to keep me from burning my furniture. You know what work just as well? Dish towels! Bonus functionality: drying dishes, keeping food from accumulating dust, cleaning up messes.

2. More than one bath towel (per person)

Use it, hang it up to dry, use it again. We already wash laundry once a week anyway, so the towels just get added to the load.  (Full-disclosure: I keep two bath towels – one for me, one for the Dude – and one hand towel for guests. When we have overnight visitors, I tell them to pack a towel.)

3. CDs, DVDs, and books

CDs and DVDs can be ripped and stored on a hard drive or on a virtual cloud. Books are a toughie (who doesn’t love the smell/feel of a physical book?), but we buy and store those digitally as well.

4. My e-reader

Once I bought my tablet for school, I couldn’t justify my simple e-reader any longer. Tablet with internet + library app + school resources + games + planner + banking > 2nd gen Kindle.

5. Clocks

When we’re out in public and someone asks the time, we immediately pull out our cell phones or check our watches. Since I always have my phone on me, I don’t need a clock on my wall any longer.

What “typical” possessions do you live without?


6 thoughts on “Downsizing: Things I (was surprised to find) I don’t need.

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