Decor: How I choose what goes or stays.

Here are a few pictures that show my current decor. Some of this will change when I move. The items we keep must represent and actively reinforce our core values. I have ten, and Jack has ten. Some of them overlap. Here’s the combined list:

Freedom          Inspiration        Problem-Solving      Sharing

Creativity        Adventure          Integrity                    Magic

Simplicity        Passion               Communication       Knowledge

Expression      Dynamism         Momentum               Conservation

This is the living room wall.

The pages are scenes from Shakespeare’s Othello (one of our favorites.) They represent our value of Inspiration.

The frames I picked up at Goodwill for $.75 each. The twine is actually jute – I like it because it lays well against the wall. Of everything on this wall, only the actual prints will come with us when we move. These pictures of our wedding represent the values of Passion and Adventure.

IMG_3359Here is a better look at the frames.

The tiny clothespins allow me to change the photos easily when I want to use different ones.


This is the trim around the rest of the room.

I picked up a bundle of this green grass at Hobby Lobby. With my coupon, it cost $2, and there was enough left over to fill a large vase, had I wanted to. I love how the jute and grass fill me with a sense of Simplicity.

IMG_3365Jack brought these scrolls back from his trip to China. These have always hung in our bedroom.

These gorgeous pieces will move with us. They roll up pretty small. We’ve made the decision to keep these because they represent some of our highest values: Freedom, Adventure, and Momentum. One day, we’ll go back to China. Until then, these scrolls inspire us to free ourselves financially and mentally.

IMG_3366This poster was a birthday present from a good friend.

We’ll take this poster when we move. This image represents several of our biggest values: Simplicity, Passion, Creativity, and Expression. We keep this poster as close to our workspace as possible.

IMG_3368[1]This picture was a gift from Jack’s sister.

This one hangs in our bathroom. It makes me smile when I look at it, partially because it reminds me of the values of Adventure, Magic. and Conservation. This will definitely make the move with us.

So there you have it! All of my decor. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Decor: How I choose what goes or stays.

  1. I came back especially to find this post and read it again because I’ve recently set up a new blog exploring my quest to live simply among other things and I thought this was a great idea. It’s inspired me to think of my own values and using that a basis for the things in our life. I might reblog this if that’s okay with you.

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