100 Posts, and the trap of the Stats page.


Yesterday Tshirts & Twine reached 100 posts. It was kind of an accident. I meant to save post 100 for today, and write something deep, humorous, helpful and inspirational (as I do.) Instead, my 100th post was mostly pictures of the stuff hanging on my walls. Oops.

Interestingly enough, that post was inspired by a comment from another WordPress blogger who always has fantastic thoughts to share. She posted a comment on my daily article, and post 100 was my response to it. My initial reaction was that I had squandered an opportunity for a great recap post. Maybe a “100 articles nostalgic something-or-other.” But after a moment, I realized that I wasn’t sorry I had used my 100th article the way that I did. I value communication and sharing very deeply. I’m thrilled that the post ended up being part of a dialogue, instead of another monologue.

So now I’m thinking that maybe I’ve missed the point a little bit regarding my stats page. I’m not going to lie: I watch the numbers on my blog. I get excited when a new “daily views” record is set. I almost always reply to comments, and hitting new “follow” or “like” milestones makes my day. But if I was really honest, those things are not what this blog is all about.

Yesterday I accidentally did another interesting thing. I revealed my list of personal values. I had been saving that for a later post, but I couldn’t accurately explain my decor choices without it. I created the list while I was reading Jenny Blake’s Life After College (well worth a read, even if, like me, college was a good bit ago.) These ten words represent the ten principles by which I live, work, create, and interact with the world. For me, Living Simply means that everything I own, do, or think corresponds to one or more of these values. So without further ado, here they are (in no particular order):


Refusing to be a slave to money, stuff, commitments, fear, or stress.


Focusing on what’s really important, and letting go of things that aren’t.


Finding ways to expand my worldview and experience new things.


Loving what I do so much that it never feels like work.


Seeking creative solutions to life’s puzzles.


Speaking my mind truthfully and with kindness.


Always moving forward, no matter how slowly.


Telling my story; believing that my unique experiences can create positive change.


Never settling for the status quo, but reaching for originality.


Choosing to view every new experience as an opportunity, and believing that even the worst can lead to the best.

If I am to be a real advocate of Simplicity, I have to refocus. When I’m living by these values, I can’t justify fixating on the numbers. Milestones and new records can be exciting, but they aren’t the point. So today, on post 101, I’m walking away from the Stats page.


13 thoughts on “100 Posts, and the trap of the Stats page.

  1. Glad to have had a part in your 100th post! I think this weekend I want to spend some time putting my values down on paper and rethinking some of my excess decor 🙂 The stats page is addicting!

    • So addicting! It can be a great tool for figuring out which tags and keywords work well, but I don’t want to miss the forest for the trees, you know? I would love to read a post about your decor once you’ve had time to think about it!

      • Will do! I already have a couple of things I want to do away with. We have vaulted ceilings so the temptation to fill the empty walls was strong when we first moved in!

  2. As i found your blog not so long time ago, it is useful to know, how many interesting articles from the past i still have to find here…:) And if speaking seriously: you know this unspoken idea of everyone who writes or edits-it can be either quality or quantity, never both. I think your blog successfully proves the opposite,Amanda 🙂 Congratulations with 101 interesting, original and inspiring posts! Looking forward for next 100:)

  3. I only recently found the stats tab & was decluttering my inbox when I first set up my blog so refused all email notifications… It might have got lost then??!

    Having been blogging for awhile now believing I only had a handful of readers, there is a huge amount of freedom & pleasure it just writing purely for yourself!! When I found the stats page I was a little intimidated that so many people had viewed my intimate thoughts and musings about life.

    My challenge now is to still feel as safe being as authentic as I was before I found out about stats. Walk away, enjoy commenting & enjoy knowing these things happen in the background regardless of if you know about it or not! 🙂 & congrats on your 100th blog,xxx

  4. Congratulations on your 100th post! Your list of values has made me pause to think about what mine would be. You’d think a person’s values would be easy to rattle off, but admittedly, mine are not. I will definitely give it some thought.

  5. Amanda, Your 10 Principles are so thought-provoking and inspiring. Really well done! Congratulations on your 100th post – an important milestone because your blog is a joy to read. Here’s to the next 100! All the best, Terri

  6. […] Oh, there’s always the possibility that her signature on this lovely calendar will be worth something one day.  She’s a true rising star, and I have no doubt she’ll only get brighter. But I can’t live in what “might be.” I have to live in what is. From now until next January, this calendar will get a lot of use. It will fulfill its purpose as a schedule keeping tool, and the art on each month will provide inspiration and fuel creativity (two of my Values.) […]

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