Jump Off the Ladder: Roll Call!

Starting tomorrow, (or today, for my lovelies across the pond!) we’ll be posting daily updates on the challenge around midnight EDT, 5:00am BST. If you’re participating, feel free to comment (or leave a note on the Facebook page here) with a bit about yourself and your personal challenge. You will then be added to the accountability table, which will help us support each other through the next 20 days.

If you plan on blogging your experience, post your articles to the Facebook group, or to a comment on any daily update (you can also use the “Speak Up!” widget to your right.) and I’ll make sure you get a shout-out. Are you as excited as I am?

Remember, if you succeed in sticking with your challenge all the way to May 1st, I’ll feature you in an article!

I’ll start the accountability table with everyone who has already committed to the challenge. If you need me to add/subtract/edit anything, shoot me a message! And there is still plenty of time to sign up, if you haven’t already. (Ahem, gentlemen…)

Amanda tshirtsandtwine.com 17 kitchen items: use, wash, repeat.
Alyssa myminimalistwedding.wordpress.com No restaurants
Carrie littleblogoflettinggo.com Clean out pantry & fridge; only buy what will get used
Lynne justlynne.wordpress.com No Lucky Charms cereal
Abby forceofhappiness.wordpress.com House up for sale & ready for viewing
Jessica shadowedinmoonlight.wordpress.com No video games or Pokemon
Leslie Clean out and sell Longaberger baskets

And we’re off!


5 thoughts on “Jump Off the Ladder: Roll Call!

  1. Count me in- I’m going paperless, which means no paper towels or napkins, paper plates (which are plastic here in Italy!), aluminum foil, plastic wrap or baggies. But we WILL use toilet paper! A lot of any minimalist stuff that I take on has to do with the environment, which I’m pretty passionate about.
    I must be truthful, at first I couldn’t much see the sense of just a 20 day commitment because I am a jump in with both feet type of person (and then figure out if it works later!). But then I realized that we’re not all alike (thankfully!) and that some people may need the comfort zone of trying something out gradually first.
    In any case we’re going paperless permanently, using these of paper products only under certain circumstances (like a really bad case of the flue).

    • Excellent! I’ll add you to the table!

      Sustainability is a huge part of simple living, but often one that gets overlooked. I love that you’re doing this, and can’t wait to follow your progress.

      I agree about being a “jump in with both feet” person. I am too! This challenge was designed for those who struggle to make these big changes. Hopefully more people will be encouraged by their success in this “trial run” and want to do more.
      On the flip side, I’m already pretty intensely minimalistic, and I’m already feeling the (good) stretch of my personal challenge. There’s always more to learn!

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