Ready… Set…

“If you think you need something, wait a month. One of two things will happen: 1) You will forget about it, 2) you will no longer need it, or 3) you will need it more.”

As we get ready to Jump Off the Ladder, keep this quote in mind. Write it on a post it note and stick it to your bathroom mirror if you must.

If you haven’t joined the Jump Off the Ladder challenge, it’s not too late! Read the details here and here.

Take a leap, and prepare for it to be the best thing you ever did!snow


2 thoughts on “Ready… Set…

  1. […]            Yep, everyone I’m jumping off the ladder. Not literally fortunately. I’m just participating on Amanda’s live simply challenge called Jumping off the Ladder. I believe that living simply is hugely beneficial to your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being so I decided that I really wanted to show support for this cause. In tribute I’m giving up all my video games, which I have a very mild addiction to, with the exception of one series I’m very fond of: the Creatures series. I’ve spent a lot of money, time, and brain cells on these games and enough is enough. I’ve been trying to wean myself off these for years now, but with this challenge I feel it is a good time to officially kick the habit. Wish me luck and if you wish to participate here’s the link: […]

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