Jump Off the Ladder: Day One

17 items

17 items

It’s midnight here on the eastern seaboard of the USA. Jack and I have washed and packed all of our dishes and cooking supplies with the exception of our 17 items. As I rinsed each piece and put it into the dishwasher for the last time (at least in this apartment!) I said a little goodbye. Some of these I will miss, I think. Some I won’t. And definitely I won’t miss washing so many all at once!

My kitchen looks so empty. It’s a good, but kind of melancholy empty. There are so many pieces I forgot about. I did remember to fish the tablespoon out of the ground coffee canister, and get the casserole dish from the fridge. I had a moment of panic just before midnight, but managed to grind one last bag of coffee, lest I run out while the grinder is off-limits. Whew! Crisis averted.

At first, 17 items sounds like a lot for this kind of challenge, so to help put it in perspective, here’s a short list of some things we won’t have over the next twenty days:

  • A baking sheet
  • A skillet or frying pan
  • Any storage containers (meaning no leftovers allowed, and Jack won’t take anything to work that can’t be put directly into his bag)
  • Enough dinnerware for guests (if we do have people over – which doesn’t happen often – we can eat fruit, cold veggies, and other finger foods)
  • Drinking glasses (we’ll use our water bottles for all cold drinks)
  • A pasta strainer
  • Any stirring or serving utensils (spatulas, wooden spoons, tongs, etc)
  • A measuring cup
  • A cutting board
  • A can opener
  • My smoothie blender (Wow did I mess up on this one! It totally slipped my mind. Oh well, I’ll just have to be creative about getting my fruits and veggies each day. I think I can safely say that this one will get reinstated into my kitchen lineup come May 1st.)

Put this way, 17 items doesn’t feel like a lot at all. I think this is going to do wonders for the way we view our kitchen stuff.

(Full disclosure: a dish washing rag and a drying towel don’t count as cooking supplies or dishes. I consider them cleaning supplies, so they get to stay. If I’m washing everything by hand from here one out, I’m not doing it without a wash rag!)

Here’s to the next twenty days, and to the hopes that we’ll all come out the other side smarter, stronger, and with broader minds! How is your first day going so far?

Remember, the Facebook group is up and running, and we’d love to see you!


7 thoughts on “Jump Off the Ladder: Day One

  1. So now I feel ridiculous about my list on my Clean Out This Freakin’ Kitchen project. I hope you enjoy the next 20 days and don’t miss making cookies too much!

    I will be joining you with 20 days of Early Dinner Prep. It is way too easy to pick up takeout on our busy nights.I’m going to figure out dinner and prep it first thing in the morning for the next 20 days.

    P.S. “First thing” in the morning is a rather loose term. 🙂

    • Haha – don’t feel ridiculous. This is easily (what feels like) the hundredth downsizing we’ve done in this room over the last few years. It’s a long process, but so worth it.

      I think your personal challenge is fantastic! I’m sure you’ll end up saving a ton of time and money. I can’t wait to hear about your progress!

  2. Wow! Awesome challenge. I gripe kitchens frequently. The cabinets are a very poor means of storage and there seems to always be so much stuff packed into them. It drives me nuts. I like your thinking on this one.

  3. My kitchen may need to be my next challenge, although if I’m cooking more I might want to hold off on chucking my supplies. Tristan is going to try his hand in the kitchen tonight!

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