Life Rules #9

Stop saying “can’t.”

If you think that something can’t be done, never stop trying until you’ve proven it. If you know you can do something, but in reality you just won’t, learn to be honest and admit it. “Can’t” implies that something is outside of our control. There are enough things in life that truly are too big for us. We don’t need to voluntarily add to the list.

8 thoughts on “Life Rules #9

  1. Learning to be honest with ourselves is difficult sometimes. It requires removing mental blocks that keep us from moving forward and evolving. For example I spent years telling myself I couldn’t have a garden because it was too complicated and involved. But once I jumped in, I realized that was absolutely not true and now I can contribute directly to my family’s sustenance! Sometimes we have to dig through years or even a lifetime of built of conceptions and ideas to find the truth.

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