So there was this contest…

A week or so ago, the one celebrity I follow on Instagram posted a creative photo contest. Entry rules were simple: take a unique photo, post it, tag accordingly. After a couple of days, the artist selected her three favorite pictures, and the creators of each won a signed calendar. Since I’ve been struggling with making the transition to a digital planner, I thought “hey, why not try?” I just submitted one entry, so I had around a 1 in 600 chance that she would even see mine, let alone pick it.

Well, I won! Believe me, I’m every bit as surprised as you probably are. Let’s just say that photography is not a particular talent of mine.

The calendar arrived today. I’m thrilled to have it, honestly. It includes some gorgeous photography, and I’m really looking forward to writing my schedule on actual paper again. I’m really moved by this artist. I appreciate her talents and I think she’s really classy. For the next eight months, I’ll be inspired every time I look at these pictures.

And next January, I’ll get rid of it.

Oh, there’s always the possibility that her signature on this lovely calendar will be worth something one day.  She’s a true rising star, and I have no doubt she’ll only get brighter. But I can’t live in what “might be.” I have to live in what is. From now until next January, this calendar will get a lot of use. It will fulfill its purpose as a schedule keeping tool, and the art on each month will provide inspiration and fuel creativity (two of my Values.)

I don’t know for sure where it will end up next year. Maybe a friend will want to frame some of the pages. Maybe it will end up in a charity auction. Maybe it will just get recycled. But I know it won’t spend any time locked in some storage box in the back of my closet “just in case.”

Have you ever had a valuable (in reality or just to you) item that you struggled to let go? What did you do?


12 thoughts on “So there was this contest…

    • Ooh, things from family are so difficult! I have a gorgeous music book from 1922 that my mother gave me. I’m still wrestling with that one. It’s not that I would be miserable without it (and she would never make me feel bad for moving on from it!) but I just love it so much that I want to make sure it ends up in good hands.

      As for pewter chalices, I see your problem. I mean, I could reasonably find use for 2, maybe 3 at most – you know, for knights to quest for, and for drinking the blood of the innocent during secret ceremonies… but 24? That’s just way too much clutter in my alchemist’s tower. :p I kid, of course. But I’m definitely curious as to how one comes by so many of those!

  1. I’ve got a whole bunch of tshirts from events I did. Being sentimental I’ve kept them all but there’s no space in my drawer for 22 tshirts. So I kept the ones I wear and all the others I hid away. I took photos of them so I can chuck them out but my thought was I should keep them because when my current tshirts die, I won’t have to spend money on new ones.
    In this way I won’t have to buy another tshirt for many years to come.
    I don’t know if this is simple living or not? Maybe I should just get rid of them and spend the money in the future when I need to.

      • No it’s not sentimentality- I took the photos so I’m cool with getting rid of them. I just think it’s a waste of money when I could wear them in the future instead of buying new ones I wouldn’t need.

      • A big part of living simply is living in the now. Future you might want the shirts, but if current you isn’t using all of them, simplicity-based approach would be to find them a new home.

        Ultimately it’s completely your choice. You should do whatever you think will make you happiest! Don’t let yourself feel guilty or pressured by others’ opinions. 🙂

  2. Oh my word! I can’t tell you how many calendars I have “locked in some storage box”. Each of your posts make me realize how much superfluous junk we have in our house I think I know what my next 20 minute commitment is going to be!

  3. I actually just went through this! I was going through music boxes (yes, I have music boxes), that I had been told were “worth something.” While I think that I do have 1 or two music boxes that may be worth something, I think that my mom actually still has those. I went though the ones that have been stored in our back room for the last four years, and guess what I found? “Made in Taiwan,” “Made in Japan,” “Disney.” Hmmm. Perhaps not the lottery winnings I had expected. So, they went to the Salvation Army. One less box to move!

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