Jump Off the Ladder: Ready for day three?

My dishes stayed in the sink all day. Instead of using a dish and then washing it, I washed each dish and then used it. Oh well. There’s always tomorrow. πŸ™‚

The rest of you had way more productive days than I did! Here are some notable accomplishments, as announced on the Facebook page:

  • Leslie went through her basket collection, and did some hard-core sorting. She’s purged 32 pieces already
  • Carrie began tackling her pantry today, and has already inspired others to do the same
  • Lynne has not only stood strong in her commitment to no Lucky Charms, but she’s tackled her closet, and begun to clean out her pantry as well
  • Taylor joined the challenge, and is echoing my own goal of living on a minimal kitchen

Exciting stuff. πŸ™‚ If you didn’t get the chance to stop by the Facebook group, let us know in the comments how your second day went! Here’s the updated table:

Amanda tshirtsandtwine.com 15 kitchen items: use, wash, repeat.
Alyssa myminimalistwedding.wordpress.com No restaurants
Carrie littleblogoflettinggo.com Clean out pantry & fridge; only buy what will get used
Lynne justlynne.wordpress.com No Lucky Charms cereal; clean out dresser and pantry
Abby forceofhappiness.wordpress.com House up for sale & ready for viewing
Jessica shadowedinmoonlight.wordpress.com No video games or Pokemon
Leslie   Clean out and sell Longaberger basket collection
Amy rogerswrites.com Early dinner prep every day
Knapsack Spirit knapsackspirit.wordpress.com No unsustainable consumables
Taylor incenseandsounds.wordpress.com Minimalist kitchen

See you tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Jump Off the Ladder: Ready for day three?

  1. woo hoo! We’ve been working soooo hard! I’m almost done, and just can’t believe how much happier I’m feeling, Feels like tons of weight being pushed off my shoulders!

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