Jump Off the Ladder: Starting day four

Today I washed all of our dishes. It took me 5 minutes flat!

Really exciting things have been happening in the first few days of the challenge! Here’s our recap:

  • Leslie has begun pricing and tagging her newly-downsized baskets
  • Carrie has totally cleaned out and restocked her pantry
  • Lynne stood strong in the face of temptation, choosing a bagel over Lucky Charms for breakfast
  • Alyssa found some great frozen dinner options at Costo to support her decision to cook at home more
  • Taylor was happy to find that she has a lot more free time now that she’s washing fewer dishes

If you want a shout-out in the daily recap, let me know in the comments how your challenge is going! Also, if you blog about the challenge on your own site, I may reblog your article. 🙂

Amanda tshirtsandtwine.com 15 kitchen items: use, wash, repeat.
Alyssa myminimalistwedding.wordpress.com No restaurants
Carrie littleblogoflettinggo.com Clean out pantry & fridge; only buy what will get used
Lynne justlynne.wordpress.com No Lucky Charms cereal; clean out dresser and pantry
Abby forceofhappiness.wordpress.com House up for sale & ready for viewing
Jessica shadowedinmoonlight.wordpress.com No video games or Pokemon
Leslie Clean out and sell Longaberger basket collection
Amy rogerswrites.com Early dinner prep every day
Knapsack Spirit knapsackspirit.wordpress.com No unsustainable consumables
Taylor incenseandsounds.wordpress.com Minimalist kitchen


6 thoughts on “Jump Off the Ladder: Starting day four

  1. Not much will happen for me today. It’s a 9am – 9pm work day! But, tomorrow is grocery shopping day. I will check my list before I go so I don’t buy something we already have, and will only buy what’s on the list for this week.

    great job, everyone! 😉

  2. This morning, thanks to your inspiration, I put 20 things in a box to donate and 20 things in the garbage. (I only operate in 20s 🙂 All were items from our storage room. There was one casualty – I accidentally bumped an ice skate off the shelf and it fell onto a flourescent light. This is why we need to get rid of stuff!! I didn’t even make a dent with my efforts today and the two boxes of “treasures” my parents brought me from their basement yesterday are conspiring against me, but I know that if I stick with it, I eventually will start to see progress. . . right?

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