Time Capsule Apartment

This is gorgeous. It also raises a big question in the mind of this minimalist. If you had to flee your home, what possessions would you never go back for? What would you never miss?

Sam Brandolini

time capsule apt

Can you imagine fleeing your apartment to escape WWII and never returning? Continuing to pay your rent until the day you died? In 2010 when Marthe de Florian passed away in Southern France, it was discovered she also kept a city apartment that no one was aware of. When entered for the first time in 70 or so years, everything remained just as she had left it. Click on the photo from curbed.com for some amazing pictures and discoveries!

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One thought on “Time Capsule Apartment

  1. Love your blog. Besides family and pets, I would pack up medications, personal papers, a small bin of artwork from my son, my laptop and some pics off the wall, small amount of clothing.

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