Clear Your Schedule

This is very, very wise advice. I know I’ll be giving this a try soon!

Everyday Spiritual Wisdom

When you look at your schedule for the week do you ever just get the urge to wipe it clean?

I remember a particular few weeks when I certainly felt like that. I was a little under the weather and had a combination of events I was expected to attend, jobs I was expected to complete, projects that required daily effort and daily life to contend with too. I knew by the end of it I’d be knackered, worn out and a shell of my former self and knowing that stopped me looking forward to my week. That day I happened to be read a sentence that said: “Clear your diary for 2 weeks, keep your body calm and be asleep by 10.30pm every night and be up by 7am you’ll feel like you’ve had a holiday when the two weeks are up”. This was music to my ears and…

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