The Empty Drawer

Another brilliant idea from Fiona!

Everyday Spiritual Wisdom

I don’t live in a minimalist home but I do love space and in particular I love the feeling of peace that comes from an uncluttered space.

One of my secrets to keeping a beautiful uncluttered space is to always keep an empty drawer.

Do you remember back to when you were young and used to get given pocket-money for keeping your room tidy? Well, I was smart enough (or devious enough, depending on your opinion) to realise that if I had an empty drawer I could easily sweep all my ‘stuff’ into the drawer, quickly make my bed… and then my bedroom was tidy and I could tell Mum that my room was done (and of course receive my pocket-money).

Genius! Yes, I still think so. Even now, I always keep one drawer in the house empty so that if I feel the desire to sweep all the ‘stuff’…

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