Jump Off the Ladder: End of Day Ten

We’re halfway there! So far, we’ve seen some fantastic successes. Here’s a recap of what’s been happening over the last week:

Alyssa: “Just wanted to say, since I haven’t been spending any money eating out I was able to pay off my credit card this month!” She also started a new cooking blog to chronicle her home meal endeavors!

Lynne cleaned out her closet and pantry, and has gone ten days without giving into Lucky Charms!

In addition to downsizing her basket collection, Leslie said this: “I happened to read Amanda’s blog post on books. Well, it got me to thinking. I love books too and I realized many were just “napping” and needed to be awaken by others. Originally, I had 186 linear inches of books. (Probably more, since some of my books were double deep.) I now have 69″ linear inches of books. That’s a 63% decrease in linear book inchage! I had no particular goal in mind other than to reduce my volume of books. I think I accomplished that.”

Taylor has been living in a minimalist kitchen, and reported: “Weekend was awesome! I feel so Green because I’ve using a lot less water in cleaning dishes on this challenge.”

Carrie cleaned out her pantry last week, and gave us this update on Thursday: “My pantry is still the same, and haven’t bought anything not on my list! we have stuck diligently to our meal plans as well!”

Jessica commented that she’s been standing strong in her commitment to not play video games for the duration of the challenge!

Out friend at Commit2Twenty let me know that she’s been donating 20 items a day!

Garrett has been keeping me posted on the yoga he’s committed to doing every day. So far he’s owning it!

Knapsack Heart has announced “So far we haven’t used even one item on our banned list. It’s not too hard once you’ve organized to make it possible!”

And Jack and I have done well on our commitment to only using 17 kitchen items, despite being out of town so much this past week.

I know I’m playing it fast and loose with the exclamation points, but I am so happy about our progress! I can’t believe we’re already halfway there. Anyone missing their pre-challenge  state? Let me know if you think you’ll want to go back to your status quo on the 1st. I’d love to hear how you’re feeling!


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