Jump off the Ladder: Wrap Up

Here’s a fantastic success story from our very own Minimalist Bride about her Jump Off the Ladder experience!

Minimalist Bride

For those who weren’t aware, for the past 20 days I have given up eating at restaurants for the Tshirts & Twine Jump off the Ladder Challenge. I won’t lie, initially it was pretty rough. I definitely had intense sushi cravings, and there were nights when nothing in the fridge looked appealing and I wanted so badly to cruise down the hill and indulge in an Indian buffet. But I didn’t. I stuck with it, I brought lunch to work, and I scraped together meals with what I had at home. Initially, I knew I would probably save a little bit of money from cutting out restaurants, but I gained so much more from the experience that I never expected.

  1. I lost two pounds. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but I am a very very small person. Two pounds is like 2% of my body weight. From…

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