Jump Off the Ladder Victor’s Post (and a badge!)

Welcome to the victor’s circle! I’m pleased and proud to announce the “winners” of the first Jump Off the Ladder challenge!

Alyssa of myminimalistwedding.wordpress.com:

Challenge: To stop eating out for 20 days.

Updates: “I lost two pounds… I paid off my credit card… Grocery shopping became less stressful… I learned new recipes and taught Tristan my favorite recipes so we can cook as a team… Eating in has now become a habit.” (Read her full recap here.)

Carrie from littleblogoflettinggo.com:

Challenge: To clean out the pantry and refrigerator, and to only buy what will be used on a regular basis.

Updates: “Everything in my pantry now is actually ON my grocery list. It all has a purpose, and WILL be eaten within two weeks… haven’t bought anything not on my list! we have stuck diligently to our meal plans as well! “

Lynne of justlynne.wordpress.com:

Challenge: No Lucky Charms cereal, (later added clean out dresser and pantry)

Updates: “My lucky charms was pretty easy (ok not really) But I kept busy got a lot done so I would not miss the sweet marshmallows!… I know this was not a part of my challenge, But I went back to my closet and purged a lot more stuff. Carrie, you have inspired to clean out my pantry.”


Challenge: To donate 20 items a day.

Updates: “I packed up at least 8 bags of 20 things to donate… With each bag I gave away, I felt lighter. I am definitely going to continue going through things and lightening our load.”

Knapsack Spirit:

Challenge: No unsustainable consumables.

Updates: “So far we havenโ€™t used even one item on our banned list. Itโ€™s not too hard once youโ€™ve organized to make it possible!”

Abby of forceofhappiness.wordpress.com:

Challenge: Get house up for sale and ready for viewing.

Updates: “We got our house on the market a week before the May 1st deadline! We gave up our microwave, the iffy junk we had been considering donating, lots of clothes, and the ability to dirty up our house. The great thing is that somehow or another we have actually managed to keep the house impeccably clean!”


Challenge: Clean out and sell majority of basket collection (later added cleaning out library.)

Updates: “32 baskets / pottery pieces purged so far. Plus a ton of accessories (lids, liners, etc.) that I haven’t even counted. Yay me!… Originally, I had 186 linear inches of books. (Probably more, since some of my books were double deep.) I now have 69″ linear inches of books. That’s a 63% decrease in linear book ‘inchage’!”

Taylor of incenseandsounds.wordpress.com:

Challenge: Living on a minimal kitchen.

Updates: “I feel so Green because I’ve using a lot less water in cleaning dishes on this challenge. And its been GLORIOUS. I cannot stand washing dishes, but when I only have one fork and a plate to wash at a time, it’s not bad at all!”

Amanda of the Live Simply Blog ๐Ÿ˜‰ :

Challenge: Living on 17 kitchen tools.

Updates: “I missed my blender and my Tinkerbell mug, but living on so little proved to me that I can! I’ve loved having a clean, empty sink every day.”

Congrats to all who participated! If you succeeded in the entire challenge, here’s a badge for you to save and add to your blog (no hard feelings if you decide to not use it ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


If I haven’t gotten your updates, feel free to add them below! And remember to “sign up” for our next Jump Off the Ladder challenge (starting May 12th) by adding your challenge in the comments.


8 thoughts on “Jump Off the Ladder Victor’s Post (and a badge!)

  1. I have this storage closet on our balcony that is filled from floor to ceiling with my gardening tools, camping supplies, craft supplies, Christmas decorations, and school notes. Eventually our apartment complex will be turning that closet into a washer/dryer (yay no more hunting for quarters!) and I want to have the clutter reduced by at least 50%.

  2. I want to have my garden rolled, dug and planted and start planning the landscaping. That way we can get the veg and herbs growing so we can save some money in the grocery budget in the next few months. That’s my fall off the ladder challenge!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It’s perfect! And let me know how that goes! I’ll be planting my own garden sometime later this month, and since my thumbs are anything but green I’ll need all the advice I can get!

      By the way, if you’d like to qualify for this challenge’s incentives (stickers and maybe a free t-shirt) you can sign up officially for the challenge at the top right corner of this page!

  3. My idea is a little off topic with what you’re looking for, but I decided I’m going to call 20 people in 20 days. I’m HORRIBLE at picking up the phone to catch up with friend or my mom or my sister! This challenge will help me to enrich my life by sparking up some much needed conversations.

    • I love this idea, actually. And it fits really well into the “Time” category of simplifying. Sometimes simplicity is just as much about what we add as what we subtract. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Also, would you mind using the link on the top right of this page to sign up for the challenge? It would help me cheer you on better – and I’ll be giving away free stickers and a t-shirt if you’re interested! If you’d rather not sign up, you’re still more than welcome to participate!

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