Jump off the Ladder round two, and a t-shirt giveaway!

Okay folks, we’re taking Jump Off the Ladder to a whole new level! On May 12th, we’ll launch round two, and with it some really cool (I think) incentives!

Stickers! Who doesn't love a good sticker?

Stickers! Who doesn’t love a good sticker?

For our first order of business, please sign up using the link to your right if you plan on participating! I don’t need any personal info, I promise. Just leave me a note in the form explaining what your challenge will include, so I know best how to cheer you on. We’ll be starting with our typical 20-day challenge, but this time anyone who completes all twenty days will win a prize!

Here’s the tiny catch: because the prizes aren’t free to me, I’ll ask that anyone who wants to qualify for the incentive “check in” with a journal form that will appear in the sidebar on May 12th. (Be on the lookout for details on how to use it – it will be a very simple process, I promise!) I ask that if you are participating in the challenge, you record your progress four times: once a week for the duration of the challenge, and once at the end of the period. (I will be sure to post reminders each week so you don’t forget to fill out the form!) If you check in all four times, and complete your challenge successfully, I’ll send you a couple of success stickers, AND enter your name into a drawing to win a Live Simply t-shirt! Ta-da!

So to recap:

  1. Enter the Jump Off the Ladder challenge by filling out the form at the top of the right sidebar before May 12th.
  2. Chronicle your progress by submitting updates once a week for the three-ish weeks of the challenge, and one final submission on or after June 1st to summarize your experience (for a total of four updates.)
  3. Win free stickers, and be entered in a drawing for a t-shirt!


    You would look so great in this shirt. You know it’s true.

How easy is that?! Now for some quick reminders about the criteria for the challenges.

Choose from one of the following “umbrella” categories:

  • Possessions
  • Time
  • Money

Design a personal challenge for your selected category. Some examples of personal challenges include not eating out (money), cutting all time commitments other than family and work/school (time), or living on only one or two pairs of shoes (possessions). Get creative, but remember that jumping off the ladder involves making a dramatic, scary, and possibly uncomfortable change for 20 days. If at the end of the 20 days you decide to go back to your status quo, that’s fine. Just be prepared to be pleasantly surprised by your success!

If you haven’t read the philosophy for Jump Off the Ladder, you can find it here. And remember to sign up to the right! See you on May 12th!

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