The Blame Game (and a tiny rant)

So big government is destroying our economy, big agriculture is destroying our health, Hollywood is destroying our girls’ self-esteem, and corporate [insert country of choice here] is creating a greedy, consumeristic culture. Or so I’m told.

McDonald’s is making us fat.

The public schools are making our kids dumb.

The media is obliterating objectivity.

Everywhere we look, we see broken systems. It’s a problem of the human condition: humans are imperfect, therefore anything we create/maintain/build/do will be imperfect as well. Global unity and harmony may be a truly worthwhile dream, but it isn’t yet a reality.  So where does that leave us? What can we do when our children are at huge risks for diabetes and our money is nearly worthless? When we’re caught in the machine of consumerism because consuming is how you survive in this world?

We stop to remember that lying is a cooperative act.

Maybe the media is in bed with big business. Maybe the government is messed up on education. Maybe the fast food industry really does want us all to be obese. Maybe we do have to be vigilant about what we allow in our lives and in our minds. But we also must start taking responsibility for ourselves. If we’re tired of the way the world works, we have to make changes. Not later, but now. We have to unplug, detox, disconnect, jump ship for a while. We have to start educating ourselves, and stop making excuses.

We have to realize that we’re the problem.

If we stop buying unhealthy, irresponsible food, large corporations will have to start selling healthier, more ethical stuff, or lose everything (which they will not risk.) If we start homeschooling our kids, or passing more charter school acts, the individual public schools may have to step it up to keep pace. We cast our votes with every dollar we spend, and with every change of the channel. For as long as Snooki can make a paycheck from Twitter, she’ll keep tweeting. If tomorrow all of her followers stopped listening, she’d have to get a real job and stop making a career out of teaching our young girls to be idiots.*

So yes, as a culture we have problems. But maybe, just maybe, we as individuals are a bigger part of it than we care to admit. And that’s a good thing, because it means that we – not the government or corporations or celebrities, but all of us regular joes and janes – hold the key to the solution.

Let’s take our world back.

*I obviously don’t know Snooki personally, so my comments here are in regard to her public choices, and are not personal. I’m sure she’s a lovely girl. I just wish she (and her fellow reality stars) would act like it.


12 thoughts on “The Blame Game (and a tiny rant)

  1. I’ve never really understood people who blame X Y and Z for their problems. Perhaps it’s because I’m a bit detached and have a degree of self-awareness, but it never even occurs to me to blame someone else for my experiences. For example, when I lived next door to a brewery I gained a bit of weight from my daily excursions to the tasting bar. Rather than blaming the brewery or whatever, I acknowledged that my decision to drink beer was to blame and stopped doing it.

    • That kind of self-awareness is exactly what I hope to see more of. I know I’ve been guilty of blaming “the system” for my problems. While it’s important to understand the broken bits of our society, it’s equally important to remember that our actions spark the biggest changes. Awareness without action is not useful.

  2. I’m so glad you said all this!! One of the things I’ve observed since arriving in the US is that many people (not everyone) complain & blame & take very little responsibility for things that people I know in Europe would just shrug their shoulders make their choice and move on.

    As I said its not everyone I’ve met but I have been surprised by it because us Brits tend to think of Americans as super positive!! Which on initial greeting, everyone is… But it doesn’t follow through. It’s like kids here are taught to be positive in greeting others and then taught (unconsciously) to just blame & complain…

    I’m so relieved you said it because in England, even if its true, it’s not polite to point out. But can I say I hear you & yes you are right,xxxx

    FYI: I love America so much I’d move here in a heart beat if someone gave me a job,xxx

      • I’ve been here on and off since January. I leave in June. I’m in Phoenix at the moment & I head back to LA tomorrow xx

        Don’t worry I read through the rant to the truth underneath. The reason so many self helpy people (like myself) do so well out here is because they’re brave enough to stand up and say ‘take responsibility’ ‘live your life, the way you want to’ … Powerful stuff if we’ve grown up without the belief or confidence to do it!xx

  3. “If we stop buying unhealthy, irresponsible food, large corporations will have to start selling healthier, more ethical stuff, or lose everything (which they will not risk.)” SO TRUE! I just posted something related to this statement last night…my first ever blog post! Keep up the good work!

  4. My parents have a poster in their bathroom that is Brown’s 21 suggestions for success. One of my favorites is “take responsibility for every area of your life.” Thanks for your reminder!

  5. “she’d have to get a real job and stop making a career out of teaching our young girls to be idiots.” HA! that’s good. I got a good laugh out of that.

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