Living Simply: Addition and subtraction.

SoapsAllOften when we think of minimalism or simplicity, we focus on what we must give up. Our challenges usually focus on dumping clutter or clearing our schedules.

While the subtraction of simplicity is a huge piece of the puzzle, sometimes it’s just as much about what you add. Our homes will have the same number of square feet in them even if we throw away all of our stuff. Our days still have 24 hours. When we subtract unhealthy things, we need to be sure to fill the void with healthy ones, or risk losing all of our hard-earned ground. Nature abhors a vacuum.

As you free up your schedule or closet, start thinking about what you can add to use the time or space in a better way. For example, now that I don’t spend as many hours doing housework, I’ve taken on a 30-minute daily yoga routine. (And it’s changed my life, let me tell you.) Some of you have planted gardens, paid off debts, and begun to pursue your dreams.

What can you add to your simple life?


16 thoughts on “Living Simply: Addition and subtraction.

  1. Moving from a house to an apartment that is only half the size has been a wonderful way of de-cluttering my life

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