10 Things you currently pay for that you can usually get for free (and no not by stealing!!)

10 wonderful ideas for saving money!

Less equals More (LeM)

We all pay for life with death, so everything in between should be free”

Bill Hicks

10. Haircuts

Choose a simple style that you don’t need professional help to maintain. Encourage a relative to upskill and learn to cut hair with you as the crash test dummy. Extreme level up points: go bald deliberately!

9. Manicures

Learn to do your own nails while travelling, waiting around or watching TV. Host a nail party with a bunch of friends. Make if fun.

8. Massages

Think friends with benefits before forking out for professional fingers!

7. Coffee

Stay tuned in to find businesses in your area that offer customers free coffee. Visit friends for a cuppa. Drink coffee at work if they provide it free to employees.

6. Fitness

Ditch the gym membership. Walk outside. Run around the lake. Ride your bike. Play with your children. Mow your own lawn.

5. Books &…

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