Show Some Love

A lovely update from a JOtL participant who chose to enrich her life through communication!

Life { Faith } Tea

I recently started following The Live Simply Blog and Amanda created the Jump of the Ladder Challenge to inspire people to make a drastic change for 20 days to enrich their lives. Whether you want to give up extra-curricular activities to spend more time on your passion, cook at home to save on eating out, or pare down to a minimalist wardrobe, it can be whatever you feel is dragging you down.

Since I’m doing pretty well at getting rid of my crap and paying off my debt, I made the decision to add something to my life instead of take something away. I decided my challenge would be to show some love to my friends, meaning I would call 20 people in 20 days to say hi, catch up, tell them I was praying for them, or tell them how much they mean to me. For those of…

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