Life Rules #12

People don’t do things against you; they do things for themselves.

This truth applies far more often than we realize. When we stop believing that people always act against us, rather than just for themselves, we are free to step out of the victim sphere.


11 thoughts on “Life Rules #12

  1. That helps me makes sense of an incident that happened at the weekend. After the incident whereby a potential customer expressed his negetive opinion of my art, I felt victimised, and felt my confidence drop…. But in fact I can realise that that person was exercising his right to express his opinion, and disinterest in my product ( caraciture sketches at a market).
    In fact I also now have more information about my target market, and how to handle negative expressions. I can still hold value on my work, whilst respecting the fact that it’s not EVERYONE’S cup of tea!

  2. Wow, this really seems to hit me. I seem to have a little problem about being paranoid and thinking that people keeps talking bad about me whenever I walk in front of them (am I a star? SOOOO PARANOID), or that they are making bad things to make me feel down. Well I guess this post of yours should be listed in my Life Rules. Nice post! 🙂

  3. Funny, I just commented on somebody’s post this morning how I I find comfort that where ever I am in life is exactly where God wants me to be at that moment…maybe it was on one of your other posts…LOL I hate getting caught up on everybody’s blogs in one day…then I am commenting on so many blogs…Hopefully my comments do not sound as canned as I think they do…because my comments are heart felt…

  4. So true! I learned this last year (I won’t be specific) when I realized people were being kind not for the sake of being kind but to see what they can gain in the relationship. Terrible, really, when I now think about it. However, it’s true. It’s not, “Why are they being kind to me?” But more like, “What’s in it for them?”

  5. I was telling a blogger this morning that I knew what it felt like to be looked down upon because of my race. But I never felt that there was something wrong with me, it was them (the ‘superior’ person) that had a problem.

  6. Great! Learnt a new way of looking at things. This is what i love about blogging.

    If you get time, please do read my post ‘ day of epiphanies’ on my blog. I usually write such
    (as Oprah call it) AHa moments in my diary. Shared it recently with my extended virtual family. 🙂

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