Jump Off the Ladder: Final May submissions (and an announcement about June!)

In the meantime, we’re doing something new for this month’s challenge. As you probably recall, the JOtL challenge is about changing how we think first, and allowing that to change how we live. To emphasize that concept, I’m asking you to pick my June challenge! Leave a comment below with your ideas for a great (and difficult – don’t hold back!) challenge for me to tackle this month. I’ll collect your ideas and give you the chance to vote for your favorites. And you know I’ll be sure to blog my experiences with your challenge! I’m putting myself in ya’lls hands. 🙂

We’ll be starting the June JOtL challenge on the 11th! Are you ready? Whether you have a new challenge to undertake or are redoing an old challenge, we’d love to have you! Watch for the new sign-up form to appear in the corner starting on Friday. You’ll have four days to get signed up, so keep your eyes peeled!

If you participated in the May JOtL challenge, be sure to fill out the final update (click the blue box!) for info on how to claim your prizes! We have stickers and a t-shirt to give away. 🙂 Please feel welcome to complete this final update even if your challenge wasn’t as successful as you hoped. I’ve loved hearing your feedback throughout this process.

May was our best month so far. Let’s make June even better!


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