Finding Victory in Failure

The May JOtL challenge might have been this group’s best and worst. Reading your updates, I heard about thrilling successes and depressing failures. Some of you felt that this challenge was excellent, and others of you weren’t as happy with your progress. This exchange happened on Facebook:


Okay, I deserved to get teased about that one! But I stand behind my statement.

Think about the world around you – about the people you interact with all the time. How many of the people in our world actively, purposefully, and proactively chase good things for themselves? For me, the answer is not many. We live in an age of convenience, which for much of the world equals complacency. Every day we each have the opportunity to move forward, grow ourselves, improve. And every day billions of people pass up that opportunity.

But you? You took it.

Jump Off the Ladder is not about the challenges. It’s about changing how we think. It’s about being discontent with being average and being determined to have more. So what if this try didn’t end up exactly like you thought? Tomorrow you have the exact same chance, and knowing you all, I believe you’ll take it. The important thing is that you took the step. I hope you’re all as proud of yourselves as I am of you!

As we go through our days, I hope we can all (myself included) learn to see our victories – even the ones that don’t look how we expect. Success is no less real just because we didn’t plan for it.

What “accidental” or “incidental” victories have you experienced recently?


4 thoughts on “Finding Victory in Failure

  1. My latest accidental victory has been realizing that it’s ok for me to choose not to just accept to live the way my family does. I have made really good strides to downsize our apartment, and when I went back home for a visit, I realized just how far I’ve come. Just because I was raised in a home that “copes with clutter” doesn’t mean I have to.

  2. I’m continually surprised by new realization of things I’m “holding on to” — stuff I walk by every day and don’t see anymore because it’s been there so long. Then one day something sparks and I look around with new eyes — it’s an aha! moment and helps me let go.

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