Looking for JOtL ideas?

Here’s a list of suggestions based on a great article by Zenhabits:

  1. Limit internet and television time to 3 hours a day.
  2. Start purging possessions by donating 5 items every day.
  3. Ban shopping for anything other than necessities.
  4. Wash your dishes immediately after using them.
  5. Walk, run, or bike outside every day. 
  6. Eat only fruits, veggies, nuts, and oils.
  7. Drink green tea three times a day.

What other good challenge ideas have you been contemplating? Be sure to check out the rest of the list (and the rest of the fantastic site) at zenhabits.net!


5 thoughts on “Looking for JOtL ideas?

  1. I think I’m going to try doing dishes as soon as I’m done with them…I am HORRIBLE at letting dishes pile up until I need something washed, and the resulting chaos drives me insane…seems like a simple enough thing to fix…yet not always when fighting with the messages inside your head…I CAN do this.

    • It’s not an easy habit to develop, but it becomes second nature after a while… and it’s pretty nice to have a clean sink all the time! Best of luck! I can’t wait to follow your progress!

  2. I think I’m going to go thru all my cords, chargers, cables, and general “electrical cord thingys” that I’ve held onto for years and years because “I might need it some day.”

  3. I’ve been following zenhabits for years! I never fail to find something useful when I browse through his archives, and you’ve nailed a few good ones here. I especially like the idea of donating 5 things a day, since I’m in full-on decluttering mode right now and 5 (as opposed to tackling an entire room or closet) is totally doable.

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