The Writer – A Family of Badgers

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Forest Four the Trees

So it’s fairly clear to me thus far that I’m The Writer. I work in concepts, archetypes, symbols. Hard-and-fast, concrete, down-to-earth practicality is not my strong suit. The Minimalist tells me I’m water to her fire – which in terms of elemental philosophy (which is totally a thing now, trust me) suits me perfectly. Tension is, by and large, something that happens to Other People.

Not to me.

And the first two weeks have very much reinforced this truth.

We all moved in and the boxes were STREWN throughout the house and nobody could find ANYTHING and you could barely even WALK through the kitchen and the other three people had STRESS.

I went “meh” and shrugged and started unpacking stuff into my shared office.

Then The Designer and The Teacher wanted to PAINT right away and The Minimalist couldn’t THINK because there was so much CLUTTER and needed to…

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2 thoughts on “The Writer – A Family of Badgers

  1. “Cultivate the serenity in your own life with the express intention of sharing it. Be available, be proactive, be communicative, be intentional. Help out on purpose. Engage individuals in steps to resolve the stress in their lives when they are ready. Take more than your share of the load in order to relieve the weight from your companions.”

    Love it! So much compassion in those words 🙂

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