The Minimalist – I’m not this weepy in real life.

My take on the first couple of weeks at the new digs.

Forest Four the Trees

But over the last couple of weeks I have leaked out my eyes a lot. It’s like living in a cold, salty soup. If a chef served me the kind of soup I have created for myself over the last few days, I would make them watch as I brushed their dog the wrong way so the fur gets all matted and gross. (And then I would brush it back again because the tangled fur would drive me crazy. But I would let that chef think I would leave their dog in that horrific state.) Such is my rage at the emotion to which I have been subjected.

Not gonna lie, the reason for my angst is pretty embarrassing. It’s good to be honest, (and to that end I’ll admit that I really don’t want you to find out from anyone else first) so I’ll just say it. I…

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