Day one of June JOtL

How’s everyone feeling? If you didn’t sign up for the challenge, don’t stress. I’ll leave the sign up sheet up for one more day!

Here’s my day one update:

Honestly, the hardest part of this challenge so far has been choosing who to write to! I decided to start with a good friend from grade school. We used to write letters to each other all the time when we were little, but since growing up and creating families of our own, we’ve lost that little connection. I’ll let you all know if she writes back!

Anyone else have an update? Here’s an inspirational quote for the June JOtLers (think of it as my daily inspiration letter to all of you!)

There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth… not going all the way, and not starting. -Buddha


7 thoughts on “Day one of June JOtL

  1. Good luck everyone…
    I will start another purge and work through the rest of the week. My goal is NOT to have any more to pack. The goal is to get the move done in 3 hours! Then get to the new place and do another purge.

  2. OK, I know I’m late, but here goes… I’m giving up all beverages except water… good lord, it’s day 2 for me, and I’m thinking “what the hell have I done…?” (slurp, slurp) It’s scary and I have a headache, I think maybe because I haven’t had my coffee for two days or any other kind of caffeine?? I’ve taken 4 ibuprophen today, no dent in the headache. (pause to slurp more water) and I may become dehydrated soon, haha! but i’m hanging in there!

  3. Hi Amanda,
    I signed up for June JOTL but have since changed blogs so hope that doesn’t confuse things too much. I’m trying to do project 333 and have done a clothing inventory and today I chose the 33 items. All the rest have been packed away.

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