That Minimalist Roommate: Questions about my humble abode.

Recently I posted a tour of my living space in the new house. Several of you have asked some really good questions about my living situation, and here are the answers!

Courtesy of our lovely Fiona:

1. What clothes do you own? Surely those two baskets don’t contain all your clothes & underwear?

In short, yes they do! My clothes are in the far left basket, and my underclothes in the smaller one next to it. My husband has the same setup on his side of the closet. Our hanging clothes are all on the far right hand side.


And here’s a representation of my current wardrobe:


2. I love love love your bed! Where is it from?

My bed is made from an egg crate mattress topper and a featherbed topper. The two make for a very soft, cozy foundation! I can roll the bed up, or fold them to create a makeshift couch, like this:


3. Where do you keep your paperwork? Like insurance /medical records etc?

The vast majority of my paperwork is digital and stored online or on a hard drive. Very sensitive items are scanned and stored on a flash drive, which I keep in a fireproof box along with things I need in hard copy  (birth certificates, passports, etc). The fireproof box is stored in my trunk.

4. How do you do that with your books?

I bought these amazing little bookshelves from Barnes and Noble. I love them!

5. Where do you keep your spare bedding/bath towels/wash stuff?

We really don’t have any! We have two bath towels, a hand towel, two dish towels, one set of bedding, and we use loofahs instead of washcloths. Once a week I do one load of laundry, which includes all of our clothing and all the towels. I can do a second load with our bedding as necessary. We’re considering getting a second set of sheets and one more towel, for guests. Those will get stored in the trunk as well!

6. What about your kitchen stuff?

We have a handful of kitchen items, including a pot, four plates, two bowls, two glasses, two forks, two spoons, three knives, a cutting board, two coffee mugs, and two travel mugs. We share a kettle, a pasta strainer, and a couple of other things with our roommates. We don’t really use many of their things.

7. What’s in all the little boxes in the corners?

One has games and cards, another has jewelry and our few photo prints. A third has my incense and the last holds love notes.

8. Do you have your own bathroom?

Yup! It’s that door to the right of the entry door.


18 thoughts on “That Minimalist Roommate: Questions about my humble abode.

  1. You have definitely pared down your belongings much more than I have. I never started out to be a minimalist, only to get rid of what didn’t work for me. I think we both found the right balance. Btw, I do have about the same amount of clothes so I am a minimalist in my wardrobe.

  2. I wish I could purge my second closet but its filled with bulky stuff like winter jackets and ‘special occassion’ clothes. I noticed you didn’t have any of those… do you?

    • My husband and I each have one winter coat (stored in the trunk) and our special occasion clothes are incorporated into our wardrobes. He has a nice suit and I have a wedding-appropriate dress. 🙂 A vacuum-sealed space bag has proven invaluable for the winter coats, so they store smaller!

  3. Wow! That is amazing, and truly inspiring! I absolutely LOVE the bed idea! I always thought mattresses were so wasteful (not to mention toxic!) I think people are waaay too comfortable these days anyway 🙂 Besides material minimalism for obvious reasons, I believe removing some of our modern comforts keeps us humble and reminds us of how most people in the world live. There is a Buddhist practice for lay practitioners on the new and full moons (and sometimes on the two quarter moons also), Uposatha, where in addition to the five precepts they take when “officially” practicing Buddhism, practitioners also undertake three more practices – do not eat anything after noon, no indulging in music or entertainment or wearing jewelry or perfume, and abstaining from resting in luxurious places (sleep on the floor!). It is a great spiritual minimalist practice 🙂

  4. Awesome!! So inspiring!! Love it!!

    I’m still impressed all your clothes fit in & it looks like you have a nice little capsule wardrobe 🙂

    Love the bed, I want one when I move,x

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