The Writer – Under Pressure

Oh yeah, and turns out my husband does feel stress occasionally…. but he handles it with great dignity! 😉

Forest Four the Trees

Considering that I have been named The Writer in our little quartet, it is frankly astonishing to me that I’m always finishing these blog posts at the last minute. Maybe they should call me The Delayer or something else. My own internal dialogue regarding this type of situation tends to follow these lines:

ME: Crap. I haven’t written anything for ForestFour.

ME TOO: No sweat. Your post isn’t due for like, three days.

ME: True. But I should really get started on that. You know, get it done ahead of time.

ME TOO: It’s going to be the same blog post whether you finish it two days before the deadline or two minutes before the deadline.

ME: That’s a good point. Also, I haven’t finished watching all of The X Files on Netflix yet.

ME TOO: Or Battlestar Galactica.

ME: To the Angel-mobile! Away!

This leads to the main issue…

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